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Great Plains LID Research and Innovation Symposium and Low Impact Development Design Competition

Low Impact Development From A Community Viewpoint

Jeff Bigby, PE, CFM - Broken Arrow Oklahoma Stormwater Manager

Track: Policy


The City of Broken Arrow with a population over 100,000 is the fourth largest city in Oklahoma and is still showing steady growth.  Recognizing the value of Low Impact Development, the Broken Arrow City Council in 2007 formed a Low Impact Development Committee charged with preparing a Low Impact Development Certification program for developments within the City of Broken Arrow. On Earth Day 2010 (April 19, 2010), the Broken “Living Green” LID Certification Program was implemented. It was the first community LID Certification program implemented in Oklahoma. Results of the certification program have been mixed. Education of developers, design consultants,  and property owners about the benefits of LID have been beneficial; but participation in the voluntary certification program has been limited.  This presentation describes how the committee was formed and prepared the certification program including a Recommended Practices for Certification Manual. Details of development practices credited for LID certification will be presented. How LID is presented in Phase II NPDES OKR04 Permits as well as in local municipal code will be covered.  City of Broken Arrow municipal projects constructed with LID features will be covered to show how LID is being encouraged by showcasing LID designs on city projects. A review of the effectiveness of the certification program will be presented as well as challenges to encourage participation in the program.