Great Plains LID Research and Innovation Symposium and Low Impact Development Design Competition

Symposium Pay by Check

This page lists the instructions on how to pay by check for the 2014 Great Plains Research and Innovation Symposium in Tulsa, OK on April 2-4, 2014.

For those wanting to pay by check, please follow these instructions:

  1. Write a check to "OSU Foundation" in the amount of your registration and optional Poker and/or Golf Tournaments.
  2. In the Note/Memo section of your check, write "21-76250". This is the donation account for the LID Competition and Conference.
  3. Complete the Symposium and Gala Registration Form that can be downloaded by clicking here.
  4. Mail the check and registration form to: Oklahoma State University Foundation, 400 S. Monroe Street, Stillwater, OK 74074.
  5. A receipt will be sent to you from the OSU Foundation for you records. Note that this registration fee is not tax-deductible as a non-profit donation.
  6. Email the completed registration form to Jason Vogel at and Alex McLemore at

If you have any additional questions about registration, please feel free to contact Alex McLemore at